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Is your window stuck? Are there broken chips visible on the exterior? If you said yes to either one of these questions, you certainly need our window repair and replacement services. Window repairs are common projects people undertake as DIY endeavors. When the damage isn’t significant, sure, you can make a few tweaks here and there to tighten a loose screw or apply glue on a small crack.

However, poor window repair almost always leads to you needing to facilitate a replacement for most cases. Truth be told, repairing windows will cost you far less than a window replacement costs. While it’s always a good idea for you to take the initiative in looking after your own home, it’s best to leave some things to the experts.

At Staunton Roofing Pros, window repair and replacement is right in our corner of expertise. We specialize in window repair and replacement for both modern and traditional homes. Contact us for high-quality window repair and replacement services that restore integrity to your space.

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Without windows, your home would appear dull and unsightly. But even worse is when you do have windows, yet all of them look poorly maintained ad unkempt, much like those of a haunted house. No doubt, your windows are a crucial visual and structural aspect of any property. Owing to how exposed windows are, they are susceptible to damage caused by harsh weather, aging, human error, pest infestation, or animal intrusion.

Our capable window repairmen will replace or repair your windows and leave them looking good as new. Our goal is to not only restore your window's dignity but also to promote energy efficiency and reinforce security.

Here’s a closer look at the window and replacement services we offer Staunton residents.

● Broken Window repair-Do you have a cracked window, shattered glass, a broken sash, or your window just won’t open? Leave it to us, we can fix it.

● Window screen repair-Screen doors tend to get stuck or damaged often. Should you face any hardships with your screens, we offer bespoke window screen repair services too. We can fix the large sliding screen doors or replace the old ones with new, more transparent, more attractive screens

● Window frame repair-Window frames easily rot away, especially with prolonged rain or exposure to high humidity levels. Pests are also notorious culprits behind window frame damage. Does this sound like what you are dealing with? Call us today for expert window frame repair services.

● Double pane window repair-The seal, commonly found on double pane windows, can break due to aging, tampering, or unfavorable weather conditions. A good sign of a damaged double pane window is the presence of moisture in between the window panes. Call us for professional double pane window repair.

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Above are only a few of the long list of window repair and replacement services we have available. Our services are available for both residential and commercial properties and are fit for all types of windows. This, irrespective of shape, size, or location. Contact us today for prompt window repair and replacement services in Staunton, Virginia.

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