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Shingle roofing, while common and generally attractive, might not cut it for most property owners. Up and coming modern commercial and residential properties are gradually embracing flat type roofing systems like EPDM and TPO roofing. It could be because of how energy efficient flat roofing is, how affordable and long-lasting this roofing type is, and how adaptable it is in the face of harsh weather.

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin-TPO roofing is a much lighter (single ply) and less labor-intensive flat roofing option favored by commercial property owners.

On the other hand, Ethylene propylene diene monomer-EPDM roofing employs the double-ply technique meaning that it has a longer lifespan. What’s more, its dark shade enables it to absorb more energy working as a natural cooler. This comes in handy as an energy saver, especially during the super-hot summer season, as your HVAC system doesn’t have to work overtime to keep temperatures in your house or office low.

Flat Roofing-A Closer Look

What are the differences and similarities between TPO and EPDM flat roofing? Which one best suits your needs? Before you decide, here is an in-depth look at both types of roofing.

● TPO Roofing Systems

TPO roofing systems take the lead in the list of the most preferred flat roofing system of choice for commercial buildings. Among its numerous advantages is that TPO roofing is incredibly energy efficient. Pitting the two flat roofing systems against each other, there’s enough proof to show that while EPDM roofing’s dark surface absorbs heat from the sun, TPO roofing’s bright surface reflects sunlight.

This means that with EPDM roofing, the air conditioning works round the clock to cool off your space, especially during summer. Alternatively, with TPO roofing, your air conditioning works less and more efficiently as the conditions in your space don’t need much help staying constant.

In addition, compared to EPDM, TPO roofing is more resistant to punctures caused by rocks or hail storms.

● EPDM Roofing Systems

If you want a quick and easy flat roofing solution, then EPDM roofing is your best bet. It is incredibly durable and damage-proof. No electrical source is required to secure EPDM roofing on the surface of your roof. This means that installation is super-fast, and it becomes significantly easier to conduct repairs if something needs fixing.

With TPO roofing, the roofers will require an electric source to wield the flat roof in place. This not only makes it time-consuming but also laborious to install. What’s more, it becomes much harder to repair a TPO flat roof than an EPDM roof.

When working on a tight budget, you better choose EPDM over the costly alternative of TPO roofing.

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