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With a durability record of twenty-five to fifty years, it’s easy to see why metal roofing is a popular choice for many. New technology makes it possible to manufacture metal slates and shingles that are far lighter and incredibly strong compared to other roofing types and materials.

When it comes to metal roofing, utmost care must be upheld during installation. Metal roofing is the best type of roofing to choose when looking for unwavering durability and resistance to damage. However, a poorly done installation job will almost always cost you more in repairs to correct the issues that were left by the previous roofing contractor.

Where We Come In

At Staunton Roofing Pros, you are assured of a job well done. We are so sure of our work, we are ready to give you a warranty for a limited period that allows you to call us for free repairs and maintenance works on your metal roof. Should you notice any irregularities on your roof before the lapse of this particular period, we are a short call away.

You may still call us for such issues after the warranty period is over, in which case we will only charge a nominal amount to facilitate material and labor costs. We are your best bet for metal roofing solutions. Call us today for aluminum, steel, and standing seam metal roofing installations.

Why Choose Staunton Roofing Pros?

With more people offering the same roofing services, it can be hard to single out that one roofer who will not disappoint. To prove that we are indeed your best bet, here’s why we consider ourselves a cut above the rest.

● Quality Redefined

Whether you are looking for metal roofing repair or installation, we quickly swing into action and put our best foot forward. We stop at nothing to offer you the best quality. We source from some of the best manufacturers of roofing products and send the most skilled metal roofing professionals to work on your property.

We are so sure of our quality services we offer a warranty to all our clients. Are you tired of paying for shoddy work every time you need a metal roofing replacement or repair? Roofing replacements can cost an arm and a leg. So why gamble? Partner with us and discover newfound peace in quality roofing services. We are dedicated to bringing you personalized roofing services in Staunton.

● Affordable Rates

Imagine being assured of unparalleled quality and not have to dig a hole in your pocket to get it? This is what all our clients can enjoy not only when you need metal roofing but when you need any roofing assistance in our list of bespoke services.

If you plan to have your metal roof replaced or repaired, we are the only roofing professionals who can accommodate your budget. Still think you don’t have enough? If yes, we have options meant to make it easy on you. Get in touch with us for a bouquet of perks. We will offer you a free roof inspection and give you a free estimate with an additional lifetime material warranty and 10-year workmanship options. Our most valued clients can enjoy up to $1,500 off full roof replacements with financing options available for you.

Contact us today for unparalleled metal roofing services.

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We boast a reliable team of experts experienced in a wide array of roof replacement, external repairs, home improvement, and maintenance services. We have every license you should need or want as well as certifications on multiple roofing and product styles that signifies us as the cream of the crop when it comes to all things roofing.

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